Healthy Relationships,
Happy Lives

Mindful Coaching for Meaningful Change with Sayfe Families

"Supportive relationships are soft landings where our whole self can rest and refresh."
- Becki Smith

Everyone deserves a place to heal

Even the earliest of patterns can be healed when we have a reprieve from survival mode. At Sayfe Families you’ll find a safe space and gentle guidance to ground yourself, heal, and explore.

Ready to restore harmony in your home?

Keep reading if you…

  • Are worried about your child, your marriage or your future
  • Feel like your life, relationships, or reactions are out of control 
  • Are healing from painful experiences or patterns
  • Find yourself losing patience with your child, spouse, or family members
  • Feel stuck in fear or anger
  • Are ready to finally trade in your anxiety for a sense of peace

Healthy relationships are possible again

Almost all lives and relationships go through tough times, especially with external pressures and unexpected situational challenges. It’s not uncommon for even the most loving interpersonal relationships and families to experience friction and disconnect.

Relief from “survival mode”

In today’s modern world with fast-paced schedules, high expectations, increased pressures and responsibilities, it may feel like there are very few places to catch your breath. This online mindful coaching is a place to safely process your situation and take control of your approach, whether it’s individually or with a partner.

This is your oasis of security.

The key to this evidence-based process is establishing a safe place to process the challenges and emotions, then learning healthy communication methods that individuals and couples can use any time they need to work through conflicts, frustrations, or misalignments.

Online coaching offers convenience and privacy

The good news is that this online mindful coaching approach can effectively be done over video conference, which gives you the flexibility to access this service online from anywhere.

Clients enjoy the ability to log in from a private location without having to spend commute time or find parking.

How we've helped other families create meaningful connections...

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