Bring peace and calm back into your life with Somatic Coaching

Somatic Coaching and Mindful Strategies with Sayfe Families

Your place to unpack and rebuild

This is your safe container to examine the areas that are causing the most stress, anxiety, or conflict in your life and develop healthy evidence-based management skills you can use anytime, anywhere.

Somatic coaching can help if you are:

  • Navigating friction in interpersonal relationships
  • Handling co-parenting or in-law challenges
  • Second guessing your own decisions
  • Balancing your needs with the expectations of others
  • Feeling like there’s no place for yourself to breathe

Using science-backed research to gain control (and connect) again

Sometimes the early responses we developed in order to protect ourselves can prevent us from achieving true peace later in life. When we decode how the brain and body work under stress or “fight or flight” mode and process previous experiences, we can steer what happens next.

During our work together, we’ll explore the following approaches and coping strategies:

  • Use somatic experiencing to heal past stress or trauma that may be stored in our bodies
  • Identify and repair reaction patterns and attachment styles learned at a younger age
  • Work through your situation in a non-judgmental & safe space
  • Strengthen relationships and communication 

Understanding what’s happening inside the body and brain as we experience challenges can produce real and meaningful shifts to how we experience new situations moving forward.  By creating new patterns, you can truly be empowered to navigate a healthy life and connect with others – with confidence and calm.

How is somatic coaching different from traditional talk therapy?

While many find talk therapy to be very beneficial, others find that retelling their stressful stories actually puts their body in emotional distress. This can happen even on a subconscious level and can ultimately slow down the healing process.

The power of the somatic experience is that while the coaching process can include talking through memories, it is never required. Thankfully, you can heal your mind and body without reliving old trauma and stress.

At Sayfe families, we use a blend of evidence-based approaches that heal the body and the mind simultaneously. This brain-body method allows you to work through challenges and heal at your own pace in a safe and supported state.

Online somatic coaching for your convenience and privacy

The good news is that this mindful somatic coaching approach can effectively be done over video conference, which gives you the flexibility to access this service online from anywhere. Clients enjoy the ability to log in from a private location.

Building a healthy life starts by creating safe places - even for the messy parts.

By cultivating your mind-body connection and healing old patterns with somatic coaching, you can develop compassionate leadership for yourself and your family.

Bring the curiosity, confidence, and peace back into your life with Sayfe Families