About Sayfe Families

Mindful Family Coaching

Our Mission at Sayfe Families

We recognize that a person’s emotional health is inextricably tied to their overall well-being and life satisfaction, as well as to the collective well-being of family units and society. By offering quality support and the most effective research-backed modalities, we can help individuals and families manage their emotional health, mental health, and overall well being.

We’re called “Sayfe Families” because we’re committed to providing a peaceful space for children, adults, and families to cultivate both inner safety and healthy connections with others. When rooted in feelings of security, both children and adults can explore their full life potential and make meaningful contributions to society.

Who we serve

At Sayfe Families, we recognize the many factors shaping a family or person’s experience, including cultural, socio-economic, and political factors, generational patterns, psychobiological considerations, as well as individual hardships. These factors do not exist in a vacuum but form an intricate and nuanced web that significantly shapes a person’s neurobiology and their ability to build a healthy life.

We honor where each person is on their personal journey, while providing specific support to parents and caregivers, children, as well as individuals who are in the process of building their own path.

About Becki Smith

As a parent herself, Becki understands the pressures, logistics, and emotions around raising a family, whether it’s small but chronic conflicts, or much deeper issues such as feelings of overall anger, disappointment or overwhelm, or differing developmental trajectories. Becki creates a safe space for individuals, families or couples or families to develop an understanding of how the different layers of their experience such as earlier life experiences, relationships or developmental considerations may be impacting their present day experience. release their frustrations and use She then offers science-based solutions to work through difficulties towards positive change.

The core of Becki’s coaching work is starting from safe relationships (secure attachments) and guiding her clients as they nurture their capacity to navigate life’s challenges. She combines several evidence & strength based approaches grounded in attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, and somatic modalities.

Becki works with each client to develop an individual action plan that cultivates empowerment and while remaining aligned with each person’s intentions and values. As a trained scientist, she uses that expertise to help translate the newest research into actionable strategies for clients. During your work with Becki, you’ll have a safe place to be heard and get access to the latest tools to make meaningful change.

Certifications, Degrees, and Training:

Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, Certified through Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parenting Coaching Institute.  Studied a blend of western psychology evidenced-based healing modalities largely grounded in Internal Family Systems complemented with an infusion of eastern philosophy practices including mindfulness and meditation. The program trains coaches to implement IFS and other healing modalities to help parents become aware of and heal old patterns so they can more deeply connect with their children.

Certified DARe (Dynamic Attachment and Repatterning Experience) Professional:  Certified in a signature trauma and attachment training created by Dr. Diane Poole Heller designed to repair deeply rooted attachment patterns and build a new path to more secure, joyful, and fulfilling relationships. DARe Certificate Program.

Somatic Experiencing Professional Certification Trainee

Trained on the theory and practice of somatic experiencing, including the clinical application of somatic therapy to support trauma resolution and healthy nervous system regulation. 

Trauma Research Foundation 

Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies

Learned how trauma impacts the brain and body and reviewed a wide array of clinical treatment methods that can be applied in practice to support clinical treatment.

Krysalis Institute 

Hypnotherapy Certification through the American Board of Hypnotherapy

Certified in the clinical application of hypnosis to support clients. 

Boston University, School of Social Work – Boston, MA 

Masters of Clinical Social Work with a specialization in children, youth, and families (degree candidate, expected 2026)

Boston University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences – Boston, MA

Molecular & Cellular Biology Concentration

Master of Arts in Biology (2003) 

Northeastern University, School of Arts and Sciences – Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science in Biology (2000)

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