Finding the Way Forward

Pathfinders Online Life Coaching for Mindful Transitions

Meaningful life explorations (without expectations) with online life coaching

When things aren’t meeting our own internal expectations (or someone else’s), our minds and bodies can be thrown into a state of anxiety and stress. Maybe we feel pressure to perform at someone else’s standards. Maybe we feel disappointment at the way life has turned out. Maybe we feel confused as to how to move forward.

Sometimes even people that we love or paths that we’ve chosen can present obstacles to feeling secure about our decisions or situations.

With our Pathfinders online life coaching sessions, we’ll create a safe oasis where you can return to a state of calm, assess the current situation and explore your options from a place of empowerment.

This healing space is for you if you’re:

  • Experiencing career or life uncertainty
  • Transitioning out of a relationship
  • Processing a loss or multiple challenges
  • Navigating interpersonal conflicts 
  • Forging ahead without support

You are your best advocate

By using these science-backed methods to settle and reset our mind and body, we can use online life coaching to begin to heal past anxieties, trauma, and stressors.

From here, we get ourselves back in the driver’s seat so that we can navigate life’s challenges and interpersonal relationship from a place of safety and compassion. This empowers us to make decisions from a place of calm and peace, and advocate for our wellbeing (and the wellbeing of others).

Convenient and private online coaching

This science-backed online life coaching approach works well through online video calls. This gives you the flexibility to find time in between your obligations and to ensure your privacy.